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The Change Engine is a real hands-on Programme and Project Management Company. Our business principles are transparency, integrity and excellent results. Our mission is to help organisations to develop and implement business strategies that are fit for the future. We are passionate organizers, who nurture human creativity. Our expertise lies in the areas of social innovation, employee engagement, leadership development and organizational design.


Imagine, you have invested a lot of money and energy into implementing a new CRM system, because it was more user-friendly, less time consuming in use and more integrated with other business processes. And 3 years later some employees and even entire departments are still using the old methods of customer relations management…

Or imagine, to improve transparency and collaboration between different departments, your company has developed a social media strategy.  An open source social media platform was selected and implemented. Just to find out that all the information that is being shared on the platform has to be pre-approved. Moreover, different departments have created their own closed networks that cannot be visible to others…

Sounds familiar? If you wanted to say “No”, stop and think again. These things happen almost daily in large and small organisations all over the world. Teaching people to swim doesn’t necessarily mean they are going to like water. Using our unique GoSpiral method we will implement projects in such a way that will actually change employees' attitude towards change and they wiil be more willing to adjust their habits. And while at it, we will make the improvements as sustainable as possible, so that you wouldn’t need us for another ten years.

If you work with us this is our promise to you:

  1. Transparent results.
  2. Hands on project management professionals 
  3. Balance between theoretical knowledge and real-life experiment 
  4. Interventions that are effective, but also inspirational and FUN.

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